Shock Briefcase – Genuine Leather Buffalo print finish


STCC-B1010 Optional: Genuine Leather Buffalo print finish- Colour Black $1045.00


Stylish inconspicuous design. Enhanced security features with concealed remote activation able to place distance between the robbers before activation. Ear piercing warning siren with 125DB output attaches unwanted attention.
To secure Valuables, Jewelry, Cash moneys and important documentation including Lap tops for use by Corporate business, Bank consortiums, Governmental department as well as Private individuals
Strong Durable reinforced frame construction.
Covered in Black Stretch Leatherette PVC material. Custom Genuine leather Buffalo print option available.
Combination lock setting.
Models: Standard Corporate Slimline – 460x 360x100mm
Standard Deluxe Banking – 460x 360x 120mm
(Custom sizes pending quantity)
New Micro RC Coded Long-Range remote-control activation up to 100Meters plus with Security enabled frequency technology.
New 120 000 volts effective non-lethal Shock deterrent in handle and on side panels.
Unique timer latched Anti Tamper temporary safe storage mode.
New Optional Dual activation button with safety trigger for use with external Colour smoke dye option
New Ear piercing 125 dB alarm to attach unwanted attention.
New 2.5 Amp Rechargeable battery pack with Intel fast charge Charger for extended operation.
Optional concealed Tracking device with Wed base monitoring and support
Removable Electronic control module for cost effective shipping and after sales maintenance.
12 Months Manufacturing warranty.
Moulded Solid lightweight Fibre Glass structure,
Stylish Inconspicuous design, Covered in Durable black stretch Leatherette, Lined inside with nylon material. Pen pocket and
utility pouches, combination lock setting. Delay Safe mode Function.
NEW 120KV Shock Deterrent conducted in handle and along exterior panels. New Coding Tech Long range Remote activation .
NEW 125DB Ear piercing Siren, NEW high capacity Rechargeable Battery with intel fast charger.
Model Range (Approx. External dimensions)
STBC-1009 Standard Corporate Executive – Size : 470x 350x120mm $898.00
STCC-B1010 Optional: Genuine Leather Buffalo print finish- Colour Black $1045.00
STBB-1011 Corporate Deluxe Banking – Size : 470x 370x140mm $998.00
STBB-B1012 Optional: Genuine Leather Buffalo print finish- Colour Black $1259.00
Optional Extras
STRS-1006 Extra Preset Back up Long Range remote control, with new coding tech. $49.00
STRD-1013 Extra Preset Back up Long Range remote control, Two Button trigger $55.00
STDT-1014 Back-up Delay Wrist strap trigger $119.00
STCS-1015 Colour Smoke Dye pack Deterrent including safety circuit (External) $169.00
GLTR-1007 Concealed Tracking Unit $525.00
GLTW-1008 Tracking Unit Web base Support fee (per annum) $498.00 P/A