Kejo Riot Helmet


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The half-coverage shell is constructed of Arimid Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic composite utilizing high pressure compression molding for increased strength while maintaining a light weight helmet. The visor will be an integral part of the shell. The shell edge will be finished with a tough molded trim. Shell will be painted with a scratch resistant flat black paint. Complete helmet with shield will not exceed 3 lbs.

The liner is constructed of energy absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) at least 3/4® in all impact areas. The EPS liner is covered by a vented brushed nylon material that is bonded to multi-density foam for comfort and durability. This material will provide maximum wicking of perspiration away from the user®s head to allow for utmost cooling to the wearer.

Order by shell size: S/M 6 3/4®-7 1/4®, L/XL 7 3/8®-7 7/8®, XXL 8®-8 1/8®. Two self adhesive sizing strips will be included with each helmet for sizing adjustment within a shell range.

The retention system will consist of a single 3/4® nylon tubular chin strap with a quick release buckle and a soft, comfortable black rubber chin cup.

Helmet is supplied with a 6 1/2® full-flip polycarbonate face shield, .125® thick, with a clear, optical grade finish. The liquid seal is molded TPE material, black and semi-rigid. The liquid seal is affixed to prevent passage of liquids from the helmet dome or face shield into the inner shield surface when the shield is in down position. The face shield will mount directly to the helmet using standard mounting blocks. Face shield installed to mounting blocks with the use of thumb screws that lock the shield in desired position.

A tactical neck protector is constructed of ridged high-impact ABS outer material lined with 1/4® shock absorbing vinyl nitrile inner padding which is permanently attached. The neck protector is pierced in the ear area in order to provide the wearer with adequate means of hearing. Includes a Nape Pad that gives extended coverage to the cervical area of the neck. The Nape Pad snaps onto the neck protector.

Meets or exceeds National Institute of Justice 0104.02 (riot), 0105.01 (crash) requirements and Department of Transportation FMVSS-218 (for impact only). Custom painting to your specs available for additional cost, if desired