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Product Details PPE-100 MINE BOOT ® Strong durable construction ® Available in full range of men®s and women®s sizes ® NATO approved VIBRAM sole ® Good ankle movement ® Stable and comfortable ® Enhanced limb survival and recovery ® Further clinical data available on request. The PPE-100 Mine Boot is a comfortable practical and rugged boot designed to offer an advanced level of protection for personnel involved in mine clearance reconnaissance and de-mining operations. The PPE-100 Mine Boot has been designed with the wearer in mind to maintain maximum mobility durability and comfort in all climates. The PPE-100 Mine Boot system comprises an outer boot incorporating TABRE blast protection a pair of inner boots and can also include an optional set of fragmentation protection gaiters. This provides protection from the knee down and the provision of spare inner boots ensures that the operator remains comfortable for each phase of the de-mining activity. Based on a well-proven alpine climbing boot the PPE-100 Mine Boot is well suited to rough and uneven terrain. The optional protective gaiters can be supplied in various colours or camouflage pattern to suit specific requirements. The PPE-100 Mine Boot system has been tested at the Cranfield University Ordnance Test and Evaluation Centre COTEC run under the auspices of the British Army®s Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham. REF.# DEMINE-PPE100