Non-Magnetic MRI Maintenance Tool Kit


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Product Details Designed with the ultimate protection and safety in mind our Non-Magnetic MRI tool kit is built for Biomedical Service Technicians working on or near highly magnetic MRI equipment. With this kit you®ll be ready to safely tackle any job requiring work on or near MRI systems. Our Non-Sparking Non-Magnetic (3-Tesla Safe) Corrosive Resistant tool kit comes neatly packaged in a hard sided plastic tool case with a custom foam tool controlled interior. This 41-piece tool kit features a variety of combination wrenches two adjustable wrenches and two hex key sets(inch and metric). The kit also contains a full set of screwdrivers and a selection of the most commonly used pliers and cutters. Safe for use on GE Siemens and Philips MRI equipment. This kit is also perfect for Non-Sparking Field Service applications in: Military Aerospace Mining Industrial Fire Departments and Utilities. CONTENTS 19mm Combination Wrench 3/4″ Combination Wrench 5/8″ Combination Wrench 1/2″ Combination Wrench 7/16″ Combination Wrench 3/8″ Combination Wrench 9/16″ Combination Wrench #2 Phillips Screwdriver #1 Phillips Screwdriver #3 Phillips Screwdriver 3/32″Slotted Screwdriver 1/4″ Slotted Screwdriver 7/16″Slotted Screwdriver 3/8″ Slotted Screwdriver 8″ Adjustable Wrench 12″ Adjustable Wrench 8″ Slip Joint Pliers 7″ Long Nose Pliers 7″ Diagonal Cutters 12″ Pump Pliers 6″ Rule Inch/Metric 10pc Hex Key Set SAE 10pc Hex Key Set Metric All Plastic Hard Sided Tool Case Custom Tool Control Foam Set P/N #: 84640 Weight: 20 lbs.