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The suit is in 2 parts a smock(top) and Trousers.The complete suit is constructed from 2 layers.The outer material is made form Monacrylic fibres reinforced with Polyamide fibres.It has a strong hard-wearing outside surface.The monacrylic fibres ensure high fire-retardance. Silicone treatment is applied to make the garment shower-proof and to permit rapid spreading of liquid chemicals which in turn speeds up evaporation.This reduces the loading on the second layer whose main function is to act as a chemical barrier.The inner fabric is based on activated charcoal as a means of protection against toxic gases and vapours.Since this material alone is not sufficiently strong it is bonded to a non-woven fabric which is flame retardant.A fluorocarbon finish is applied as an oil repellantthus acting as a further barrier to toxic liquids.This combination of repellents represents a chemical barrier which is highly efficient yet air permeable and thus imposes low heat stress.This liquid control system formed by a wicking layer over an oil repellent layer permits the incorporation of less charcoal than in other systems which in turn results in a lighter garment and smaller package size. The weight of the smock and the trousers is 16Kg. Also ideal for hunters as the carbon lining inhibits any body odours. Only in Woodland Camo.