Kejo® Evolution Mine Marking Kit


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Product Details Kejo® Evolution Mine Marking Kit. The kit utilizes solar powered markers reducing the need for torches and replacement batteries etc. The kit contents are: 40 x Solar Universal Markers (Red LED). 40 x Solar Universal Markers (Green LED). 2 x Rolls Minefield Warning Tape 40 x Mine Marking Cones 1 x Ballistic Nylon Backpack. Solar UNIVERSAL MARKER The Solar Universal Marker is a solar-powered flashing LED marker that is designed to mark hazardous areas or objects. Each marker operates automatically on a dusk-till dawn cycle switching on as soon as it gets dark and switching off at dawn. Two LED colours are available for the Solar Universal Marker in red and green. Red is normally used to mark landmines unexploded ordnance booby traps mine fields and submunition strikes. Green markers are used to mark safe routes through a hazardous area. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 25g Length: 85mm Width: 58mm Height: 30mm Visual range naked eye: 200m Flash rate: .75 – 1 sec Diode life: 100000 hours Case: stabilized polycarbonate. REF.: DEMINE-EVOKIT