Kejo ® Car Remote opening Tool Kit


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Product Details Kejo ® The telescopic legs of the EOD Heavy Lift Tripod can be adjusted to the appropriate height allowing for flat or sloping ground and then locked into position. The foot of each leg can be secured to the ground by spikes or self-levelling pads. The top of the tripod is fitted with a triple block or pulley with bearings for easy lifting of heavy objects through which a rope with a karabiner at one end is fitted. Lifting tackle is attached to the karabiner and the operator can lift the suspect article. There are four different lifting options ranging from a ratio of 6:1 to 12:1. The rope runs from the karabiner up to and through the triple block or pulley at the top of the tripod and then down to the base of one of the legs where another triple block with a jammer is fitted. This ensures that when lifting the suspect object the lift is provided via the base of the EOD Heavy Lift Tripod ensuring that the tripod cannot topple over. SPECIFICATIONS: Materials: Non-magnetic stainless steel and aluminium Lift Capability: 750kg.  Lifting Height: 2.2m (5 heights available). Overall Height: 2.6m Storage Length 1.5m (In two bags)

CROT  KIT Weight 35 KGS





Sr. No.                          Specification
1. Vice grip pliers with ring (25 mm max jaw gap 115 mm)- 01
2. Hook single (50 mm gap) – 01
3. ‘S’ hook (25 mm gap) – 01
4. Hook single with ring (25 mm)- 01
5. Hook double with ring (50 mm)-01
6. Ring large (50 mm)- 01
7. Ring small (25 mm)- 01
8. Bonnet cover opener- 01
9. Trunk lid opener screw clamp10. Door opener all types of car- 01
11. Door opener clamp all types of cars / remote window breaker- 01
12. Door handle lifter- 01
13. Door button pusher- 01
14. Multi purpose clamp- 01
15. Ignition key holder screw type-01
16. Ignition key holder with magnet-01
17. Key / handle clamp- 02
18. Spring clip hook double with ring (50 mm)- 01
19. Spring clip with ring (25 mm)- 01
20. Triangular window opener- 01
21. Rope nylon 2 mm dia, 10m (200kg load)- 01
22. Rope nylon 2 mm dia, 15m (200 kg load)- 01
23. Rope nylon 6 mm dia , 30 m with hook (600 kg load)- 01
24. Stand held lifting assembly- 01

25. Pulley snatch (strength-400 kg)-04
26. Hub cup opener with ring- 01 Screw driver set- 01
27. Double end spanner set (5/7 to22/27)- 01
28. Rivet opener screw type x 01 Rivet opener punch type- 01
29. Hammer ball pane / claw- 01
30. Cutter knife- 01
31. Special lead for self starter- 01
32. Pliers side cutting – 01
33. Karabiner type hook 23 mm / 2700 kg- 01
34. Special clamp for bonnet cover with vice grip pliers- 01
35. Suction pad anchors- 01
36. Self adhesive anchors- 05
37. Telescopic tripod with top eye (capacity-750 kg) overall height at least 2000mm, steel anchor
pegs for stability, min pitch circle dia of 2000 mm at max extension- 01
38. Pelican carrying case with rubberized foam inserts to accommodate the tools Misc: (a) Cleaning kit, if any (b) Technical manual giving full
description of the item (including parts catalogue where applicable)
(b) Users hand book
(c) Literature on preservation technique as applicable
(d) Details regarding proof / periodical inspection by the user Spares and tool kit where applicable Operator training /
39 Door Button Pusher
40 Flat Clamp for Door Handle Lifter
41 Advanced Self Grip Handle Lifter
42 a- Door Handle Finger Type Puller
b- Vice Grip Pliers
c- Wing Nut and Bolt Assembly
43 Door Push Button Assembly
44 Rope made of high grade nylon 8mm dia ,125meters in length wound on a Reel for easy deployment
45 Pulling handle securely grips 5.5mm to 13mm diameter lines.
46 Elastic Rope
47 Steel Anchor Pegs Length 400mm x 12.5mm dia
48 Chromium Plated M.S. Chain with both side ring
49. Standard Snatch Block A pulley with a spring loaded latch uses in lifting operations or for changing the direction of a
line. Manufactured in Stainless steel with Phenolic bonded Fiberglass sheet. Fitted with swivel joint and “D” shackle for
attaching to an anchor point.
50. Kevlar Hand Gloves