Kejo ® 36 Piece Non Magnetic EOD Tool Kit


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Product Details The Kejo ® 36-Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit is designed for bomb disposal applications. All tools are manufactured from beryllium copper alloy. They are essential tools when the explosives disposal personnel take suspicious explosives apart in order to avoid producing sparks because of magnetism. All tools are supplied in a heavy duty fabric carrying case with non-magnetic fittings. The case has individual cutouts in foam trays providing an excellent tool control system which clearly shows if any tool is missing. Feature 1.Non-magnetic Be-Cu alloy material; 2.Non-sparking while using; 3.Replacement tools can be provided individually; 4.Overall weight is about 13kg. Components HammerSledge . PliersRound Nose. KnifeCommon HammerBall Pein. PliersFlat Nose. KnifePutty WrenchPipe. PliersDiagonal Cutting .TweezersNeat Tips WrenchAdjustable . Slotted Screwdriver. Bar WrenchCombination . Phillips Screwdriver. Marking Tool PliersLineman . Slotted Offset Screwdriver .BarWrecking PliersSnipe Nose . Chisel 8 Point . Hacksaw Frame PliersAdjustableCombination . ShearsCutting . Hacksaw Blade BrushFlat BackScratch