Kejo® Manual De-mining Tool bag and Kit


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Product Details Kejo® Manual De-mining Tool bag and Kit All the tools for the manual de-miner in one convenient durable splash proof bag. *Industrial 2 – way zipper that can be locked *Durable reinforced PVC material. *Allows for easy transport and storage of tools. *Easy retrieval and inspection of individual tools. * Available in different colors. * Signal investigation tools are manufactured from stainless steel. This choice of material prevents fragmentation during detonation. * Bag can be customized for individual needs. Price is for the following kit.This can be customized as per customers requirements. CONTENTS: 1 x Prodder 315 grams 1 x Needle Prodder 315 grams 1 x Trowel 351 grams 1 x Terrain Tool 460 grams 1 x Magnet (Permanent) 612 grams 1 x Knee guards 744 grams 1 pair Gloves 110 grams 1 x Lopper 1223 grams 1 x Club Hammer 2158 grams 1 x Bow Saw 630 grams 1 x Pruner 250 grams 1 x Brush 28 grams 1 x Metal File 90 grams 1 x Tripwire Feeler 45 grams Bag total weight 6.3 kg Optional Equipment Signal Investigation Probe 550 grams Mine Lifter REF.#DEMINE-KEJOKIT