‘A’ Grade Level IIIA Concealable Vest


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Product Details These vests are previously deployed but may be unused and are sold as is without any manufacturer’s guarantees. The vests are all USA made. The condition is A Grade and we can offer different threat levels. These vests are not new vests and vary in condition from slightly used to like new condition.When we receive vests that are in prime condition we pass the value along to our customers. Please NOTE Sizing: To provide you with the most comfortable fit we need the following 3 measurements: a.Chest measurement b.Waist measurement c.the distance from your second shirt button from the collar to the top of your belt whilst seated.From size XL and up there is an additional 10% charge per size which will be charged at time of ordering. ®NIJ tests failed to demonstrate any significant differences in 10-year-old armor regardless of the extent of use or apparent physical condition® ®The warranty exists solely to limit the manufacturer’s liability on the product and is not a reflection of the anticipated service life of the product.® …Guide to Police Body Armor National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)

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