Kejo Lightweight Level 111 Polyethylene Plates


Polyethylene Level III PLate 10″ x 12″

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Product Details The lightest Kejo ® Level 111 (NIJ) ICW protection available. 10″ x 12″ Single Curve Full Cut or shooters cut .Weighs in at under 2.6lbs (1.8kgs) each.1.7kgs Level III (NIJ) ICW Level IIIA vest.Polyethylene plates are .98″ thick (~25 mm.) . NOTE: Due to the material used in making these lightweight plates the ballistic performance may be adversely affected by prolonged exposure to certain temperature fluctuations below MINUS 15®F ( – 26 ®Celsius) and over 175 ®F (79 ® Celsius). Also they may melt if exposed to a naked flame or if left for a long period in excessive direct sunlight. An ultra-light rifle plate the PBP provide excellent protection against high velocity rounds. The PBP is well suited for water (salt water) environments as well as conditions involving heavy vibration. No charge for S&H when ordered with any vest. We offer Full cut and Shooters cut plates. REF.#PLATE-POLYIII

S&H of $25.00 is for 2 Plates